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Jiangsu Dingxin Electric Co., Ltd. specialize in the production of power equipment, with an annual production capacity of 50 million KVA. It mainly produces 110KV, 220KV and 500KV ultra-high voltage transformers, various dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, amorphous alloy transformers, wind and solar energy storage transformers, prefabricated substations and reactors of various specifications with voltage levels of 35KV and below. , electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, mining transformer, split transformer, phase shift transformer and other special transformer, custom 630KVA 11KV Three-Phase Transformer With Oil Pillow. company have successively passed IS09001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO19011 system certification. Among the customers we cooperate with are many urban and rural power grids, as well as petrochemical, metallurgical, textile enterprises, mines, ports, residential communities, etc. We have long-term cooperation with many well-known companies, and we are also qualified suppliers for many listed companies in the electrical industry. In order to achieve high-efficiency production control, we have our own production facility and strictly adhere to procedures like screening and auditing of raw material suppliers, testing of incoming materials, and comparison of incoming materials. Additionally, each batch of products is inspected and quality-controlled in strict accordance with the supplier's indicators. As OEM 630KVA 11KV Three-Phase Transformer With Oil Pillow Manufacturers and Factory in China, We can more readily satisfy customer demands for minimum order quantities, quality control, delivery times, etc.Product sales cover the national market and are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Africa, Vietnam and other countries.
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Product Industry knowledge
What is the oil pillow design in the Three-Phase Transformer With Oil Pillow?
The introduction of the "oil pillow" design in the 630KVA 11KV Three-Phase Transformer marks a significant leap forward, promising enhanced cooling capabilities and adaptability. Let's delve into the intricacies of this innovative design and its implications for the power distribution industry.
Understanding the Oil Pillow Design:
The oil pillow design in the 630KVA 11KV Three-Phase Transformer represents a departure from traditional cooling methods. Instead of relying solely on static oil placement within the transformer tank, this design introduces dynamic oil movement, creating a responsive and adaptive cushion within the system.
Enhanced Cooling Efficiency:
At the core of the oil pillow design is its ability to improve cooling efficiency. Traditional transformers rely on static oil configurations, which may lead to uneven cooling and temperature gradients. The dynamic movement of the oil cushion in the oil pillow design ensures more effective heat dissipation. This adaptability is especially crucial in high-demand environments, preventing overheating and potential damage to transformer components.
Adaptive Insulation Properties:
The oil pillow design extends beyond cooling efficiency, addressing insulation challenges. The dynamic nature of the oil cushion allows for adaptive insulation properties, maintaining consistent levels even when subjected to varying load conditions or external factors. This adaptability is pivotal in ensuring the insulation system's resilience and reducing the risk of electrical breakdowns.
Operational Flexibility and Grid Stability:
The 630KVA 11KV Three-Phase Transformer with Oil Pillow excels in operational flexibility. The dynamic response of the oil cushion allows the transformer to adapt to load variations and environmental conditions seamlessly. This adaptability contributes to grid stability by ensuring the transformer operates optimally under varying demands, a critical aspect in the ever-evolving landscape of power distribution.
Environmental Considerations and Energy Efficiency:
The oil pillow design aligns with environmental considerations by promoting energy efficiency. The improved cooling efficiency and adaptive insulation contribute to reduced energy losses in the transformer. This not only enhances the transformer's overall efficiency but also aligns with global initiatives for sustainable and energy-conscious power distribution.
Safety and Reliability Advancements:
Safety and reliability are paramount in power distribution, and the oil pillow design addresses these concerns. The stable operating temperatures facilitated by the dynamic oil cushion reduce the risk of thermal stress on transformer components, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of the transformer. This translates to reduced maintenance requirements and increased grid resilience.
The oil pillow design in the 630KVA 11KV Three-Phase Transformer represents a groundbreaking advancement in transformer technology. By introducing dynamic oil movement, this design enhances cooling efficiency, adapts to varying load conditions, and contributes to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. As the energy industry continues to evolve, innovations like the oil pillow design underscore the commitment to efficiency, reliability, and a greener future in power distribution systems.

Three-Phase Transformer With Oil Pillow Does the oil pillow design have a positive effect on safety?
The pursuit of innovations that enhance safety standards remains a top priority. The advent of the "oil pillow" design in Three-Phase Transformers signifies a transformative shift in ensuring not just operational efficiency but also heightened safety levels. Let's explore how the oil pillow design contributes to a safer and more secure power distribution environment.
Stable Operating Temperatures:
One of the fundamental safety aspects addressed by the oil pillow design is the stabilization of operating temperatures within the transformer. Traditional transformers, under varying load conditions, may experience temperature fluctuations that could potentially lead to thermal stress and compromise safety. The dynamic movement of the oil cushion in the oil pillow design ensures more stable temperatures, mitigating the risk of overheating and safeguarding transformer components.
Reduced Thermal Stress:
Thermal stress is a significant concern in transformers, often leading to accelerated aging and potential failures. The oil pillow design, by facilitating efficient cooling, minimizes thermal stress on the transformer's critical components. This reduction in stress not only enhances the operational lifespan of the transformer but also contributes to a safer operational environment, diminishing the likelihood of unexpected malfunctions.
Preventing Insulation Breakdown:
Consistent insulation is paramount for transformer safety. The oil pillow design, with its adaptive insulation properties, ensures that insulation levels remain stable even in the face of varying load conditions. This adaptability contributes to preventing insulation breakdowns, reducing the risk of electrical faults and enhancing the overall safety profile of the transformer.
Mitigating Fire Risks:
The dynamic oil movement in the oil pillow design plays a crucial role in mitigating fire risks. Efficient cooling and temperature stabilization significantly reduce the chances of oil overheating and the subsequent ignition of flammable gases. This proactive approach to fire risk mitigation is a vital enhancement to transformer safety, particularly in critical infrastructure and densely populated areas.
Enhanced Reliability:
While safety considerations often focus on preventing catastrophic failures, the oil pillow design also enhances the day-to-day reliability of Three-Phase Transformers. A transformer that operates within stable temperature ranges is more dependable and less prone to unexpected shutdowns or outages. This reliability is a key factor in ensuring a consistent and secure power supply to end-users.
Industry Validation:
The positive effects of the oil pillow design on safety are not just theoretical but have been validated through rigorous testing and industry experience. Transformer manufacturers and utilities globally have increasingly adopted this design in recognition of its contributions to safety and reliability. Real-world applications and case studies demonstrate the tangible safety benefits of transformers equipped with the oil pillow design.
In conclusion, the Three-Phase Transformer With Oil Pillow design undoubtedly has a positive effect on safety in power distribution systems. By stabilizing operating temperatures, reducing thermal stress, preventing insulation breakdowns, mitigating fire risks, and enhancing overall reliability, this innovative design contributes to creating a safer and more resilient electrical infrastructure. As the energy sector continues to prioritize safety, the oil pillow design stands as a testament to the industry's commitment to advancing not only efficiency but also the security of power distribution networks.