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Jiangsu Dingxin Electric Co., Ltd. specialize in the production of power equipment, with an annual production capacity of 50 million KVA. It mainly produces 110KV, 220KV and 500KV ultra-high voltage transformers, various dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, amorphous alloy transformers, wind and solar energy storage transformers, prefabricated substations and reactors of various specifications with voltage levels of 35KV and below. , electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, mining transformer, split transformer, phase shift transformer and other special transformer, custom 50KVA 34.5KV/0.48KV Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer. company have successively passed IS09001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO19011 system certification. Among the customers we cooperate with are many urban and rural power grids, as well as petrochemical, metallurgical, textile enterprises, mines, ports, residential communities, etc. We have long-term cooperation with many well-known companies, and we are also qualified suppliers for many listed companies in the electrical industry. In order to achieve high-efficiency production control, we have our own production facility and strictly adhere to procedures like screening and auditing of raw material suppliers, testing of incoming materials, and comparison of incoming materials. Additionally, each batch of products is inspected and quality-controlled in strict accordance with the supplier's indicators. As OEM 50KVA 34.5KV/0.48KV Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer Manufacturers and Factory in China, We can more readily satisfy customer demands for minimum order quantities, quality control, delivery times, etc.Product sales cover the national market and are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Africa, Vietnam and other countries.
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Product Industry knowledge
Where are the features of Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer suitable for application?
The 50KVA Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer emerges as a versatile solution designed to meet the demands of specific applications. Its unique features make it a go-to choice for various scenarios, addressing challenges where traditional substation installations may prove impractical.
Rural Electrification:
One of the primary domains where the Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Transformer excels is in rural electrification projects. The transformer's pole-mounted design allows for easy deployment in remote areas where the establishment of conventional substations might be economically unfeasible. The 50KVA capacity ensures that it can cater to the power needs of small communities or agricultural setups, fostering development and enhancing the quality of life in rural regions.
Residential Neighborhoods:
The transformer's single-phase configuration makes it well-suited for residential neighborhoods. In areas characterized by lower power demand, the 50KVA capacity strikes an optimal balance, efficiently delivering electricity to homes without the need for more complex three-phase systems. Its compact design and outdoor installation on poles minimize the impact on residential spaces, making it a seamless integration into urban landscapes.
Space-Constrained Environments:
The compact nature of the Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Transformer renders it ideal for locations with space constraints. Traditional substations may be impractical in densely populated urban areas or where land availability is limited. The pole-mounted design not only saves space but also simplifies maintenance and accessibility, ensuring a reliable power supply without compromising on spatial considerations.
Lower Power Demand Areas:
The transformer's specifications, with a rating of 50KVA and 34.5KV/0.48KV voltage configuration, position it as an efficient solution for areas with lower power demand. This includes small industrial setups, commercial establishments, or zones where a single-phase system aligns with the operational requirements. The transformer's capability to handle lower voltage levels ensures compatibility with diverse applications in such settings.
Environmental Adaptability:
The outdoor installation and oil-immersed design make the transformer resilient in varying environmental conditions. Its robust construction allows it to withstand climatic challenges, making it suitable for deployment in regions with extreme weather conditions. This adaptability enhances the transformer's reliability, a critical factor in ensuring continuous power supply in diverse geographic locations.
The 50KVA Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer stands out as a versatile solution tailored for specific applications. From powering remote villages to seamlessly integrating into urban landscapes, its features make it a strategic choice for areas with unique power distribution needs. As the demand for electricity continues to evolve, transformers like these play a pivotal role in providing efficient and tailored solutions to diverse energy landscapes.

What are the main components of the insulating oil in Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer?
In the case of the Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer, the choice and composition of the insulating oil play a crucial role in ensuring efficient operation and longevity. Let's delve into the key components of this insulating oil and the reasons behind their selection.
Mineral Oil Base:
The foundation of insulating oil in transformers is often mineral oil, derived from crude petroleum. This base provides excellent electrical insulating properties and serves as a coolant, preventing excessive heat buildup during transformer operation. The mineral oil's high flashpoint and low cost make it a preferred choice, contributing to the transformer's overall reliability.
Additives for Enhanced Performance:
To elevate the insulating oil's performance, various additives are carefully incorporated. Antioxidants are added to mitigate the impact of oxygen on the oil, preventing oxidation and the formation of sludge. Additionally, inhibitors are included to protect the transformer's metallic components from corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the equipment.
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA):
A critical aspect of monitoring the health of insulating oil in transformers is the analysis of dissolved gases. The oil absorbs gases generated during normal operation, such as methane, ethane, and ethylene. Monitoring changes in gas concentrations through Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) provides valuable insights into potential issues like overheating or electrical arcing. Early detection through DGA allows for proactive maintenance and prevents catastrophic failures.
High Dielectric Strength:
Dielectric strength is a key property of insulating oil, indicating its ability to withstand electric stress without breaking down. The insulating oil in the Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Transformer is formulated to possess high dielectric strength, ensuring effective insulation between the transformer's windings and preventing electrical discharges that could lead to failures.
Environmental Considerations:
In line with growing environmental consciousness, modern transformers aim to incorporate biodegradable and eco-friendly insulating oils. These bio-based oils, often derived from natural esters, provide comparable insulating properties while reducing the environmental impact. This aligns with industry trends promoting sustainability and aligning with stringent environmental regulations.
Sealed Tank Design:
The insulating oil is contained within a sealed tank in the transformer, preventing contact with external contaminants and ensuring a longer service life. The sealed design also minimizes the risk of oil spills or leaks, enhancing safety and reducing the environmental footprint of the transformer.
The composition of insulating oil in the Single-Phase Pole-Mounted Oil-Immersed Transformer is a carefully calibrated blend of mineral oil, additives, and, in some cases, environmentally friendly alternatives. This strategic formulation ensures not only efficient electrical insulation and cooling but also adherence to environmental standards. As the energy industry continues to evolve, the chemistry behind insulating oils remains a critical aspect of transformer design, ensuring the reliability and sustainability of power distribution systems.